About Us

PocketNewz is a free, easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile phone news tool that helps users capture, share, and broadcast news that is happening all around them.

PocketNewz makes it easy to broadcast your news on a focused, hyper-local news mobile platform. It’s all about Community Newz. It’s made for local newspapers, independent journalists and the social news providers we call Newzers, who want a safe, focused, easy to use mobile app to broadcast their news stories to their neighbors and anyone else interested in their community news and events.

How PocketNewz Works

For viewers, it’s simple. Find the news in your community. Use our filters and maps and categories to find what you need. Get an account and you can rate for “Newzworthy” and make comments. Otherwise just enjoy for free.

For a content maker with a story to tell or something important to share, PocketNewz is powerful.  See a newzworthy event happening right before your eyes? Become a PocketNewz Newzer! Just hit the “Add Newz” button and follow along. Then publish it on your own Newz Station. You can also share it with all your social media friends and watch it take off! Your story can be about anything from the local high school football game to a community theater production to a fire in your neighborhood.

Newspapers and Independent Journalists need digital mobile platforms. No more putting news up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter just to drive traffic back to your website. With PocketNewz it’s an all-in-one solution. Studies show that readers are 7X more engaged when looking at content on a dedicated mobile platform, versus visiting remote websites. With PocketNewz, your stories are immediately accessible (you can publish direct from the mobile app or use the PocketNewz web portal to upload content) and available for PocketNewz’s in-app monetization.

Mobile Community News: Our Mission

Our goal is to transform the world of video journalism and change the way people experience news. PocketNewz puts the power to report events as they happen into the hands of Newzers all over the world, providing a platform for honest, transparent, unfiltered perspectives.

We offer every smart phone user the opportunity to become a mobile community reporter. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s empowering. PocketNewz will give Independent Journalists and Newzers the tools and the power to change minds and change the world.

Core Newz Principles

All Newz posters (Newspapers, Independent Journalists and Newzers) must agree to PocketNewz’s Terms of Use, which include rules for posting and uploading appropriate video content.

Newz posters must be accurate, independent, impartial, accountable, and respectful of the people and events being covered. All stories must be Newzworthy. News that is flagged by users and does not follow these principles may be removed by PocketNewz. In addition to the Terms of Use, Newzers are expected to follow PocketNewz’s Core Newz Principles. These principles help us maintain reporting standards and bring the Newzer community together.

Safety, Identity and Privacy

PocketNewz takes privacy concerns very seriously. Although user who wish to post must register with their real names and have that ID verified by a 3rd party. We safeguard users’ information and do not share it with other 3rd parties, unless as specified in our Privacy Policy, where you can also review our “opt out” choices.

We also take safety seriously. We are a community Newz site. Not CNN or Fox News. Our mantra is “Community News from People You Trust”. The Pocketnewz environment is safe. We verify the identities of people who post news, flag unexplained geolocation differences between the supposed location of a video and its upload location and will remove videos and their posters (and their viewers) if our Core Newz Principles are not followed. Read also about some of our additional safeguards in Trust, Verifications and the PN Index™ below.

Trust, Verifications and the PN Index

PocketNewz doesn’t rate by “likes” or “dislikes.” Newzers may “dislike” the news they view, but it may still be informative and well-delivered. We understand that not everyone will rate like this. We allow rating on “Newsworthiness” which rates the news by its usefulness to the reader.

Your rating should be based on the information provided and on the quality of the work. Was it well done? Was that information helpful? Are you smarter for having watched it? If so, it ought to receive high marks.

As we say above, anyone who is a content provider and posts on public PocketNewz stations will have their ID verified. This includes media organizations, like your local Newspaper.  Any viewer who wishes to rate or comment on content must register for a PocketNewz account.

As we grow, we will add new features such as Verified News Story (for stories validated by other verified newz posters), Trust Ratings from viewers for Newspapers, Journalists and Newzers, and a separate PN Index™ administered by a group of independent newz professionals which will rate popular stories as to their Newzworthiness. Viewers who rate in similar ways may be invited to join the group, and have their profiles identify them as “Trusted Reviewers”.

About Us

At PocketNewz we provide the tools and the platform to make reporting the news fun and easy so that you can create and view professional-looking news clips about stories that are important to you and those around you. We feel there’s a significant role individual can play in news reporting, especially when it comes to local and community stories that often get overlooked. We want to make it easy to share and discuss stories that are important to you on a platform you can trust. We’re looking for “Real Newz from Real People” with real stories to share. Join our community and help us change the world of Community Newz.

Contact us

If you have questions, thoughts on community newz, suggestions for improvements or just want to share, email us  at CustomerService@PocketNewz.com


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