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Transform your Publishing….

PocketNewz is a safe Cloud-based Newz Publishing Platform that permits small newspapers, independent journalists and local community Newzers to easily add our fully integrated mobile app to their current business structure or social media communications, allowing them to shift their viewers from print and web to a true multi-media mobile app.

  • Offer your sponsored Pocketnewz smartphone app to your readers and subscribers.
  • Expand your network deep within a community.
  • Reach local subscribers and readers directly on their smartphones.
  • Gather no-cost hyper-local Newzreel stories, photos and video from users (we call them “Newzers”) living or working in the communities you cover.
  • Start a Newz Station and invite Newzers to contribute.
  • Post stories, photos and video that link back to your official website.
  • Share in PocketNewz ad revenue earned on your subscribers Newzreels.
  • Communicate directly with Newzers on tips, interviews and clarifications.
  • Verify your Newzers’ Newzreels, and increase your share of ad revenue,

PocketNewz is….

  • Easy and Simple to Use: Within minutes, authenticated content makers can create a broadcast station, post content and attract viewers on the platform.
  • Free! The Starter version of PocketNewz is available to newspapers, journalists, and Newzers without charge.
  • Made for Content Makers: PocketNewz has many unique features from which content makers and their readers will benefit, helping provide a much better viewer experience.
  • For Community Only: Our intent is to keep out the “main-stream media” such as NYT, WSJ, CNN, Fox, etc. so that viewers can get news that is more localized vs. national.
  • Safe: Only authenticated users can post publicly on PocketNewz.

Why use PocketNewz ….

  • Viewers with mobile phones will spend almost 7X more time viewing content in-app versus going to a website on a mobile device. More engagement means more monetization.
  • 80 to 90 percent of newspaper revenues still come from print — despite almost 20 years of investment in digital media.
  • Current social media platforms do not reward the content maker with direct revenue opportunities.
  • Why give your news content to social media sites for free? Start a station. Invite collaborators (if an independent journalist) or your reporters (if a local newspaper) or friends in your community (if a social media Newzer). Start broadcasting. Start monetizing your content.

Watch the video to learn more about what PocketNewz can do for your local newspaper.


If your newspaper is interested in starting a FREE mobile PocketNewz platform, send us an email , with your contact details. We’ll get right back to you.

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