For Professionals

PocketNewz is a revolutionary app for hyper-local community news. With it, you can:

  • Offer your sponsored Pocketnewz smartphone app to your readers and subscribers.
  • Expand your network deep within a community.
  • Reach local subscribers and readers directly on their smartphones.
  • Gather no-cost hyper-local Newzreel stories, photos and video from users (we call them “Newzers”) living or working in the communities you cover.
  • Start a Newz Station and invite Newzers to contribute.
  • Post stories, photos and video that link back to your official website.
  • Share in PocketNewz ad revenue earned on your subscribers Newzreels.
  • Communicate directly with Newzers on tips, interviews and clarifications.
  • Verify your Newzers’ Newzreels, and increase your share of ad revenue,

How does PocketNewz work?

Partner with PocketNewz! You automatically get your own Newz Station. Share Pocketnewz app with your readers or subscribers and allow them to contribute Newzreels to your Newz Station. Community Newzers are constantly uploading Newzreels full of local information that you can share on your Newz Station and in your newspaper and on your newspaper’s web site.

Activate Newzers in your community and source no-cost local stories. Get the community stories your journalists can’t afford to cover. Expand your ability to get deep inside a community. You have full editorial control. You only post what you approve to your station.

If PocketNewz runs ads on your subscribers’ Newzreels, you share in that revenue. Tag a Newzreel as verified by your accredited publication and dramatically increase your possible revenue share.

Want to post a Newzer story in your newspaper or official website? Great! PocketNewz obtains a license from the Newzer to use their Newzreel and grants 1st legal right to your newspaper. No extra steps required. Newzer created Newzreels are no-cost and local. 

Are Newzer stories legit?

All Newzers require identity verification before they can post a Newzreel.  Every Newzreel is geolocation-tagged. If a story is uploaded from a location that’s not close to where it’s purportedly happening, it will get flagged. Viewers rate Newzreels for Newzworthiness. Not if they “like” or “dislike”. Plus, there’s the PN Index rating: a group of unbiased Newzers who also rate more popular Newzreels for Newzworthiness. It’s identified as a separate rating on a Newzreel to help viewers evaluate trust in the reporting. Newzers and Journalists that consistently rate Newzreels within the PN Index group’s ratings range are included in the PN Index group.

Verify Newzreels and reach a new audience!

Only newz publications and accredited freelance journalists can verify a Newz story. Verified Newz stories are identifiable and sorted in the PocketNewz Feed and Browse/Map screens. Attract new subscribers through verified reporting. Engage your community and drive traffic back to your site. Build subscribers within our app to create even more ad revenue.

Grow diversified revenue source

Local media outlets and journalists  using PocketNewz, can source no-cost local stories within their community subscriber base, validate the story’s accuracy, and use it in their own primary news publication (such as newspapers, radio or local TV). PocketNewz partners will always share in any revenue from ads run against their Newzers Newzreels on their PocketNewz Newz Station. By indicating a Newzreel is verified, more ads can be safely run and the share of revenue for the verifying newspaper increases significantly as number of views increase. Advertisers prefer to run their ads on verified stories or on proven trusted websites.


If you or your media outlet is interested in partnering with PocketNewz, send us an email to, with “Partner Request” in the comment box, and your contact details. We’ll get right back to you.

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